JacqueHey friends.  Welcome to my page where everything is Jacquetastic.

People want to know how old I am, but age is just a number. Let’s just say I am somewhere in my late 30′ to early 40’s depending on my mood. I am very openly gay. I spent my youth watching old sitcoms, so I know what gay is. While I have never actually had a gay experience, I am quite positive that I am gay and live my life to prove it. My parents were in fashion and that makes me an expert.

Gina is my special project. I know that she will find happiness as soon as she finds her feminine side like I did. So I am always in a battle with her to make her the woman she should be.

The rest of the time, I spend giving fashion advice to the needy. Sure, there aren’t many who need my advice more than Gina, but it’s my way of giving back.


Jacque was born to French immigrants in New York City. They had come to New York to start their own fashion line. It was the American dream, and they were going to give their child the life they had always dreamed of having.

So Jacque was raised above their factory.  All day, every day, the world was fashion. His parents home schooled him between work. By the time he was five, he was helping around the shop. Not because his parents made him, but because it made him happy to be around all the pretty things.

When he wasn’t working, he loved to watch 80’s sitcoms and go to fashion shows. He loved all the hustle and bustle backstage as everyone rushed to get ready. Designers and stylist loved having him around as he would do whatever they asked as their gopher. To Jacque, they were his friends.

So Jacque’s personality was formed. He never socialized with mainstream people, just the unique people that made up the fashion industry of the era, creating the unique persona he took on. When he was young, his over the top attitude was entertaining to adults, who laugh and smile whenever they saw him. This positive reaction, locked these behaviors deep into what he became.

Much to his parents surprise, when he reached his late teens, he started wanting to spread his wings and leave the nest. They loved him and told him they would help him start his own line. They had the money to get him his own storefront and fund his designs. So Jacque started his own designs, and at first he was very happy.

But in his twenties he once again got the urge to do it alone. His parents begged him to stay, but he insisted he wanted to make it on his owns. So west he went to make sure his parents wouldn’t be in his business.

He ended up in Phoenix and found things weren’t as easy as he thought. People weren’t as accepting of his uniqueness as they where in the protected world he lived in before. He struggled, living off his savings, blissfully unaware his parents were continuing to deposit into the account for him.

One day he was looking for work when two big goons started to harass him. They didn’t need his kind in their neighborhood. Just as things were about to go really bad for Jacque, Gina Velvet stepped in. He couldn’t believe how a guy would come out of nowhere to save him. After she dealt with the bullies, she came over to Jacque and he realized Gina was in fact a girl.

He knew that he had to help her find her feminine side, but how? For some reason she was going to help him get a job where she worked, so he knew he had his chance to repay her by making her a woman. He became stylist for the show she was on and would always have to fix the way she was dressed.

Then the unthinkable happened. The station was destroyed and he was without his project and friend.  He was devastated by this and thought he would be alone again forever. Then per-chance, Gina came to work at the station where Jacque was now working. He was outwardly against her being there, but secretly is glad to see her again.  And so our story begins.