GinaIf Jacque doesn’t get his nose out of my business he’s going to be on the receiving end of some Slugs not Hugs.

I am a real a woman who knows how to handle herself. I have had a very rough life which has resulted in me not being willing to take crap from anyone.  Like I say, I was raised by wolves. I can be very abrasive and with my years of training, I can easily put most men in their graves.

A child of military parents, my view of the world is very skewed. I respects no one, and trust even fewer. For some odd reason I put up with Jacque Penoit, he is a pseudo-friend. I threaten him often, but for some reason he’s still walking around blabbing about feelings and what to wear. Not sure why I haven’t made him disappear yet, but the week is just getting started. So who knows!


Gina was born in a military hospital, the first and only child for Colonel Velvet. He had wanted a son to follow in his footsteps, but fate would give him Gina instead. Gina’s mother died from complications of childbirth, leaving Gina and The Colonel alone.

Her father was resourceful, creative and tough as nails having started his career in special forces and then getting his commission after proving his leadership skills. Raising a daughter alone, was not in his plans. He did the best he could, but he didn’t know little girls.  In his mind, treating her like a boy was a good thing, showing her that she could do anything a guy could do. It was his way of supporting equal rights, and allowed him to be there for her as a major part of her life.

So Gina learned to survive off the land, how to defend herself in any situation and how to get her own form of justice. The one thing she didn’t learn was how to be a girl. But she did learn loyalty. She saw how her father was always there for her, and how his men followed him, because of the way he treated them. He earned their respect and they would do anything for him. Gina was the same way.

Gina never developed any long term friends, because the military would have them moving every few years. So to Gina friends were just short term, as she would be moving on soon enough. This made her a bit of a loner. She could do things with others, but she never needed them.

She respected her father. He was very hard on her, but fair. She saw how actions mean more than words. The Colonel was her hero, her role model, her life. Then, without warning, he had a stroke when she was just 14 years old. Gina was devastated, the one person that had always been there was gone.

She left the hospital while everyone was planning what to do with her. She was going to take care of herself and disappeared. No one really knows what happened during the years that followed, and Gina isn’t telling. She survived and worked a wide variety of jobs, but never stayed in once place too long.

While working as part of an investigative news team, she saw Jacque Penoit being harassed by a couple of jerks. That was one thing Gina couldn’t stand, hate. Her father had taught her that every person is valuable and to be treated with dignity. So Gina stepped in to put an end to it.

They laughed at her for a minute, giving her the typical macho crap she had seen so many times before. Then like something out of an action film, they were both laying unconscious on the ground as Jacque hid in the corner. Instead of leaving like she usually did, something made her talk with Jacque.

Before she knew it she was taking him back to the station to get the him a job. This was totally out of character for her, and she couldn’t believe it herself when she offered. But, she figured, what could it hurt. She regretted her decision, but his innocence and sincerity somehow made her put up with him.

When the station was destroyed by an explosion, Gina had thought she was finally rid of Jacque and could get back to her normal life. This is where our story begins.